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13 September 2016


What is marriage preparation?

The Luxembourg Church invites couples to participate in the marriage-preparation. That’s why you should get in touch with the priest (celebrant) in time (at least 6-10 months before the desired date). He will be delighted to get to know you and will provide information on the steps to take.

A few weeks before the wedding, the priest meets the young couple for a premarital interview (familiarizing the bride and the groom with the legal requirements governing marriage = nuptial examination) and prepare them for the celebration.

My partner belongs to a another Christian denomination (Protestant, Orthodox): can we still get married in the Catholic Church?

Yes. In this case, we speak of a mixed marriage. Permission must be sought, which generally will be refused only for very serious reasons. The requirement for this authorization is that the Catholic partner agrees to raise future children in the Catholic faith.

There are several possible forms for the celebration of mixed marriages:

  • wedding in a Catholic church before a Catholic priest,
  • wedding in a Catholic church before a Catholic priest with the participation of a Protestant or Orthodox minister,
  • union in a non-Catholic church, before a non-Catholic minister; the Catholic partner needs, in this case, an exemption from the bishop,
  • union in a non-Catholic church, before a non-Catholic minister in the presence of a Catholic priest; the Catholic partner needs, in this case, an exemption from the bishop.

Which form to choose? It depends on the attitude of the non-Catholic partner and to what extent it is prepared to participate. This should be clarified in the context of the interview preparing for marriage, as well as how will the wedding ceremony be done: during a Eucharistic celebration (Mass) or without a Eucharistic celebration (celebration of the Word).

My or my partner does not belong to any religious group (resp. Is a member of another religion, eg Islam). Can we still get married in the Catholic Church?

Yes. In this case we are talking about inter-religious marriage. From the point of view of canon law, religious difference is an obstacle for Catholic marriage. Therefore, the Catholic partner in dialogue with his parish priest must apply for an exemption. Once granted the exemption, the Catholic wedding in a Catholic church is possible. A religious commitment of the non-Catholic partner does not constitute a condition of religious marriage.

In which town can marriage take place?

The priest of the parish of the place of residence of either of the spouses is able to celebrate. If the marriage would take place in a different location than where one of the spouses lives, it is necessary to provide authorization to one of the two priests of the intending spouses places of residence.

Can I get married in the church if I am not confirmed?

Yes. In any provision of church law is the requirement to be confirmed as a condition for a religious marriage. However, it would be logical that a man and a woman who want to get married, are firstly confirmed for this sacrament is a closing of the so-called initiation, that is, the fullness of welcome in the ecclesial community.

What documents should I bring to the interview preparing for marriage?

It is necessary to bring a recent baptismal certificate (extract from the register of baptisms). This is achieved with the pastor of the parish in which it was named (just call). This certificate must not be older than six months.

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