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13 September 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point do we celebrate the first communion?

The most appropriate moment, is the third school year, as in religious classes, children are introduced during the first three years step by step into the liturgical life of the parish.

The exact date of the celebration of the first communion is fixed by the parish. The parish priest gives the necessary information.

Is participation in the celebration of the first communion mandatory?

No. Every Christian is free to decide whether to participate in such a celebration or not. In addition, she/he is free to choose the moment when she/he feels ready for this step.

Should one be baptized for the first communion?

Yes. Through baptism we enter the community of the Church. First Communion is then a second step in this process. Through baptism, we get acquainted with Jesus. Through the first communion Jesus becomes a close friend, who is inviting us to share with Him His meal.

Why is it necessary to have followed three consecutive years religion course in school?

At baptism, parents promise to take be in charge of the religious education of the child. As a result, the child also follows the religion course in schools. It would not be logical to refuse to take part in the religion course for “religious” reasons and then to ask to take part to a sacrament of the Catholic Church.

What documents should I bring for the taking part to the first communion?

As a rule, nothing is required. If in doubt, the priest may ask for a baptismal certificate. This is issued by the parish where the candidate to first communion was baptized.

What is the preparation for First Communion?

Children attend for three years the religion courses in school (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade).

Outside of school, parishes (pastoral communities) offer different preparation models during the months before the celebration: regular meetings, evenings for parents, preparation days, etc. This varies among parishes (pastoral communities).

Where does the celebration of the First Communion take place?

Generally, the celebration of the First Communion takes place in the parish church of the parish in which one resides.

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