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Verséinung . Réconciliation  
27 September 2016


To receive absolution (forgiveness) of sins (of one’s faults and wrongdoings).

I’d like to go to confession. What should I do?

It is best to check with a priest. In many churches the confession hours are fixed (eg as in the cathedral). You can also go to confession in monasteries (such as the Benedictine monastery of Clervaux) or in a community (the Jesuits of Christ the King) or ask a parish priest for a personal confession in a parlor in private.

Do I have to confess in a confessional?

You do not necessarily have to go to confession in a confessional. But many prefer the confessional because of the anonymity it provides. Others say they prefer a discreet place of exchange (like a parlor) with a priest. However be aware that we can confess everywhere.

Should I confess to a priest?

Only the priest can administer absolution (grant forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name).

How is the “confession”?

- * Before confession: I think about my life. I think about what I have done wrong. I want to change myself.
- * Confession: I confess to the priest my fault and ask for forgiveness. The priest helps me to orient my life anew. He absolves me from my sins, frees me from my guilt and asks me to say a prayer or do a work of charity.
- * After Confession: I thank God. I try again to follow the good way (Jesus) and to do good and live in truth.

How often can or should you go to confession?

One can go to confession as often as one like. The Church invites the believers to go at least once a year (eg. for Lent in order to be prepared to celebrate Easter... ).

Can a priest reveal what I have told him in confession?

The priest is subject to the secret of the confession. He is obliged to keep quiet about all that is entrusted to him in confession. He is also not allowed to tell in court of justice what he has heard in confession, he can not break this silence.

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