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Reech eng Hand . Tends la main aux réfugiés  
29 March 2017

Welcome, accompaniment, training and integration

Progress Report 2016 of the Diocesan Refugee Project “Reech eng Hand”

Fifteen months after the official launch of the project, various activities at different levels are to be carried out by Reech eng Hand for 2016.

1. At the coordination team level

1.1. Organization

The coordination team met at least once a week, while the Reech eng Hand steering group met four times during the year.

A number of visits were made to local groups (9 June: Senningerberg, 27 September: Christ-Roi, 29 September: Troisvierges, 26 October: Differdange, 29 November: Schifflange).

Two mornings of meetings and exchanges, each with expert trainings and a friendly meal, for all local groups took place on the 27th of February in Beidweiler and on the 12th of November in Bettembourg.

7 Newsletters have been published to inform volunteers and other interested people about projects, latest news and classified ads.

Networking between refugees and religious communities as to places and schedules of celebrations, requests for spiritual accompaniment ...

Volunteer training continued in 2016 with a Reech eng Hand training on the 23rd of January in Hosingen (25 people).

As the need for training of volunteers was also felt by other associations, a working group comprising ASTI, the Red Cross, Caritas, a representative of the OLAI and Reech eng Hand, has been formed at the initiative of the Volunteer Agency. Thanks to subsidies from the Mateneen project, the Relief Work of the Grand Duchess Charlotte, training is now provided by the member associations of the working group and coordinated by the Volunteer Agency. The first of its kind took place at the Centre Jean XXIII on 18th of June.

1.2. The projects supported by the Mateneen project of the Grand Duchess Charlotte’s Relief Work

  • An intensive French course in the summer of 2016 (training at level B2) at the Centre Jean XXIII, for 25 young refugees wishing to start or pursue university studies in Luxembourg: selection of candidates, appointment of a graduated professor for the theoretical part and of two assistants for the practice of the language.
    The official graduation ceremony took place on the 21st of September in the presence of the President of the Work, the Minister of the Family, the Vicar General and the Director of the Centre Jean XXIII.
  • The Work Integration Portfolio project (WIP): information, training and follow-up of IPRs on their integration into the labor market (training given in collaboration with the LCGB): realization of portfolios with the IPRs on their training and knowledge in the Creation of CV) and their projects of professional insertion (orientation with, if possible, search for internships). A methodology is developed, in parallel with the establishment of contacts for implementation.
    - * The project “Le Luxembourg en poche”: guide in French, Arabic, English, Farsi on the society, culture and habits in Luxembourg, for refugees: a first version is written.

2. At the level of local groups

These groups are located in:
- Mondercange et Schifflange
- Esch/Alzette
- Beaufort, Bech, Betzdorf, Consdorf, Echternach, Junglinster, Mompach and Rosport
- Boulaide, Esch/Sûre, Goesdorf, Lac de la Haute Sûre
- Troisvierges, Weiswampach, Wincrange
- Parc Hosingen, Putscheid, Vianden, Tandel
- Bertrange, Strassen
- Contern, Niederanven, Sandweiler, Schuttrange
- Kiischpelt, Wiltz, Winseler
- Bettendorf, Bourscheid, Erpeldange, Diekirch, Reisdorf
- Colmar-Berg, Ettelbruck, Feulen, Mertzig, Schieren
- Beckerich, Ell, Grosbous, Préizerdaul, Redange, Useldange, Vichten, Wahl
- Betzdorf, Biwer, Flaxweiler, Grevenmacher, Manternach, Mertert, Wormeldange
- Bettembourg, Frisange
- Käerjeng, Pétange
- Differdange
- Steinsel, Walferdange
- Hesperange, Roeser, Weiler-la-Tour

As well as communities:
- Italian Community
- English-speaking community
- Community of Christ-Roi
- Conférence nationale des Religieuses
- Communauté de Vie Chrétienne (CVX)
- Groupe Ignatien des Migrations (GIM)

Local groups Reech eng Hand manage the work on the field, organizing, according to the teams:

  • Welcome activities: distribution of meals in some homes (LuxExpo, Lily Unsen, Logopédie, Monopol, Ettelbruck ...), moments of encounter ...
  • Integration activities: language support courses, homework help, activities for children, accompaniment of individuals or families, material and administrative assistance, cultural and sports activities (country visits, cooking, football, DIY ...).

Housing and Work Search

During the year 2016, some housing units were found by local groups for families who obtained status, among others in Differdange, in collaboration with Caritas. As regards to the search for work, different local groups have accompanied people for contacts and administrative formalities.


Several local groups have started raising funds for their local projects, making calls for donations via the Ste Irmine Foundation. A total of € 58,651.19 was raised for the year 2016 (transfers to local groups and funding of dedicated projects).

3. Collaboration with other associations and institutions

  • Camp bringing together young residents and young refugees living in 4 homes managed by Caritas, to carry out activities (workshops, sport, music, visits ...), from the 3rd to the 24th of August 2016.
    Organization: CVX, in collaboration with the Jesuit Fathers, Caritas, Reech eng Hand and the Sisters of Christian Doctrine.
  • Poster “Luxembourg, place of refuge and religious peace” elaborated by Reech eng Hand and the religious communities established in Luxembourg, in particular with the Council of Christian Churches. These posters have been placed in the homes and other meeting places of refugees.
  • “Afghanistan is not Safe” Platform: an initiative of the Luxembourg Refugee Collective, Passerell asbl, Reech eng Hand, NGO’s Cooperation Circle ... A press conference was organized on the 28th of November to inform about the situation in Afghanistan and to denounce the Joint Way Forward on Migration Issues signed on the 2nd of October 2016 between the European Union and Afghanistan.
  • Feast for the mutual integration of refugees living on the territory of the City of Luxembourg and the residents, with the support of the Integration and Specific Services Department of the City of Luxembourg: Eid el Fitr Cultural Centre of Bonnevoie (about 300 people) in collaboration with the Luxembourg Refugees’ association.
  • Participation in the Ronnen Dësch, platform of institutions and associations active in the reception and accompaniment of refugees: 2 meetings.
  • Participation in UNHCR’s annual consultations with NGOs (Geneva, 15-17 June 2016) on the theme of young refugees.

March 2017

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